Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spring Break Range Trip

So this week is Spring Break here in Seattle. And so my kids are all home, running amok and doing what kids do.

My son and I have been going to the gym to work out every day and having a ball. He's a healthy kid who likes to run and play soccer, so he spends a lot of time keeping himself fit and eating well. Kinda funny because he has no sweet tooth like me, and it serves him well.

Anyhow, so at the gym today he asks if we could go to the range. Its been while since we went together, so we piled in the car for a few hours around lunch and headed to West Coast Armory's range in Factoria.

This range is awesome, and this fact was compounded by the fact that the LEO bay was empty and they set us up. We dragged in the barriers, setup the bowling pins off we went.

As I've been doing, I like to rent something new for experience on each trip, so we rented the AR-15 again and a Springfield GI 1911 .45 auto. Both were interesting. The former was mostly to give my son an intro to the AR handling and the latter was for me to finally shoot a 1911 platform gun. The Springfield GI is a basic mil-spec .45 and it ran like a dream. I really was expecting more kick, but it wasn't much different than I'm used to with my Glock 26 (for obvious reasons). My son was iffy shooting it the first time, but after the first round, he had no issues. I did have to go over proper grip on the 1911 as a) I think I've gotten lazy teaching him proper grip and b) you need it a bit more with the .45 auto. It did take a few shots for me to get a feel where that .45 was shooting - you really do get a feel for your guns.

For the next hour and a half we shot bowling pins, Zombie targets and I worked on my movement forward and back with my Kel-Tec Sub-2000 rifle (discussed a few posts ago). I'm a damn fine shot on the move, if I do say so myself. One session saw me close on the 8 pins and take them all out with 10 rounds. Bam Bam Bam. Big smiles.

My son liked the AR, but liked the red dot on the Kel-tec more. The AR they have has the basic iron sights found on most low end black rifles of this sort. Nothing spectacular, but certainly serviceable. Of course a red dot would be nice.

One thing I didn't think of was that they let you turn the lights on/off. I had my light mount on there but didn't have the flashlight that goes in it.

Next time I'll remember and do some night zombie shooting.

teh awesomes.

PS. I turn 40 tomorrow. Ugh. Not that I really care. I am in almost the best shape of my life, have zero health problems and so whose complaining...

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