Friday, March 26, 2010

Range Report!

W00t. Range day!

After all this blabbing about stuff other than shooting, I finally got around to visiting the range this week.

I took my Glock 17 with Advantage Arms kit and my Kel-Tec Sub 2000.

The latter has a new addition in the form of a new Kel-Tec quad rail on the front. I sweetened the deal and mounted both a flashlight and vertical forgrip. Forgive me for the tacticoolness, but I wanted some experience with such setups. The quad rail gives me loads of real estate to fiddle with, but I'm mainly interested in the aforementioned additions and a red dot for the top.

Now the interesting thing about the Sub-2000 is its a folding gun, which is awesome for concealing it in a backpack, storage etc. But it folds onto the top, so putting on a top-mounted red dot requires some thought. I purchased a quick release mounting plate and my goal was to see if it would retain its zero with repeated installation/removals.

So off I went to the range.

The mounting plate worked well enough and puts the red dot slightly above the iron sights (who am I kidding, this is a Kel-Tec and they're plastic ;-0). It took me only a few minutes to get the gun shooting where I wanted it. I put 3 magazines thru it and called it good. I installed and removed the Red Dot a few times, as well as putting it a bit forward on one magazine to see if that would affect it.

Happily, it was pretty dead on at 25 yards. Here is my final target before packing it up:

Thats good enough for me - 10 rounds all in the 10 ring. I'd say it's pretty much zeroed.

I shot 50 or so rounds with the 22 kit as well, but was kinda distracted because I'd noticed something new in the rental room that was begging for a look-see. West Coast Armory is finally starting to flesh out their rental gun selection, which is good because I want to expand my experience without the cost. And better, as a Gold member, I get free rentals. Sweet.

First up was an AR-15 pattern rifle (to be honest, I had too many stars in my eyes to even know who made it) and a few boxes of .223.

First off, I was suprised at how easy AR magazines are to load - so much easier than my Glock magazines (and yes, I have several of the 33 rounders). The basic controls on the AR were familiar, so I pretty much dove right in.

This was my first time shooting a .223 rifle and I was pleasantly suprised at a) how light the recoil was and b) how small those cartridges really are.

Franly, the recoil of the .223 was about the same as the Sub-2000 in 9mm. Yup. The hole is bigger with the latter, but that .223 is really rocking at more than double the speed (the Sub-2000 does roughly 1500 fps with 9mm rounds, give or take).

Wow. Awesome. It was a definite hoot - I really need to add a .223 gun to the safe!

Oh tax return, tax return, wherefore art thou tax return?


  1. What plate did you get for the sub-2000? I trying to avoid buying the replacement rail forarm

  2. I purchased the cheap NC-star QR plate:

    Cheap, I know, but I wanted to know if it works. The ARMs one is alot more, but is probably more reliable/sturdy etc.