Monday, March 22, 2010

Healthcare, Bile and Superior Airs


I sure loved reading gun blogs. Back when they were full of shooty goodness.

And then they went all ballistic over healthcare. Blah blah blah.

I mentioned last post about noticing the "superior air" that liberals sometimes are accused of having. I even got a quote recently from someone who said that was one thing that turned him to being conservative. I've seen it, and I don't like it.

However, in all honesty, this isn't a Left v. Right thing. Its just the inevitable part of ingroup/outgroup politics. Its all about demonizing and debasing your opposition. Be it guns vs. gunless, soap vs. pachouli or the mother of all debates: PS3 vs. Xbox . We love being better/smarter/stronger than other people, and we love even more to demonstrate it. Or at least parade why we think so.

"Boy are you dumb to like the PS3."
"Look at those knuckle-draggers with their guns."
"Those Tea-Baggers are sore losers"

Etc. Ad Naseum.

This type of behavior is annoying regardless of where it comes from, especially when it gets fatalistic, drama queeny or just down right uncivil.

Case in point: this week's passage of the Healthcare bill. The left is all smug because they got something done. The right is apoplectic that it means Carl Marx is going to be chairing our death panels.

Feh! The amount of bile I see in the gun blogosphere over this is just like the liberal blogs after Bush was installed in office.

I for one am really looking forward to maybe someday having the same care I had in Canada (and I have great healthcare plan for work). I lived about half my life under both and can unequivocally say that I like Canada's system better. Do we get that with this bill? No. Not even close, but in my opinion, there are some good things in there.

But just because I think that does not mean I'm smarter, stronger or better than you. I have my opinions, experiences, and education behind my statement, but so do you and I'm trying really hard to respect you for that.

Hey, lets just go shooting, shall we?

PS. I'm totally going to go buy a Kel-Tec Su-16B rifle. I've got a serious case of the needs. Maybe I'll sell my SUB-2000 with cool rail to buy it.


  1. Fritz,

    I know very few blogs that are just "gun blogs".

    My blog is a great example. I call it 3 Boxes of BS for a reason -- Soap Box, Ballot Box and Ammo box.

    That means I talk about more then just firearms and I think that everyone should. We all have our opinions and if we confine ourselves just to firearms we don't show how diverse the firearm community is.

    Your background is different from ours (native Americans) and I think that colors the perspective more then you give credit.

    This healthcare bill is a disgrace and we should be full of bile and disgust.

    For the first time ever in American History, we -- the people -- will be forced to buy a good or service whether we want it or not, whether we need it or not.

    That goes against the very essence of our country, our values, our freedoms and liberty.

    The aspect that I see as primarily different is the attacks on the person. George Bush and his crew were attacked for who they were first and primarily (drunk, cokehead) then their politics. President Obama, Pelosi, Reid, et al are being attacked for their politics first and primarily, then attacked for their principles or lack there of, their values and actions in passing this travesty of a bill.

    This bill will not give us anything like a National Health care system such as Canada or United Kingdom has...if you can show me otherwise, I would be glad to see it.
    I would be glad to have the good things pointed out to me....because frankly I don't see many it -- definitely none worth the price we are going to pay.

    Are there ways to improve healthcare, yes!
    Is this the way to do it, NO!!!

    What do you think about the Constitutionality of the means and method used to pass the bill?

  2. Hey Bob,

    I actually read your blog ;-)

    And I realize you can talk about whatever you want, and I realize that politics and gun stuff just kinda fits together. But I'm just expressing my exasperation at what I'm there for (mostly) is learning gunny stuff.

    Shrug, to each his own. Of course, I spent all of last post whining about heathcare being the focus of attention, and that isn't lost on me either.

    I'm of two minds on the "forced to buy" thing. Personally, I have a hard time with the gov forcing people to do something. On the other hand, its you and me who pay for people who don't have insurance now, we just do it at inflated rates because they don't seek care or get it at the ER where its most expensive. And I know lots of people who do just that.

    Mind not made up. I do have to buy insurance to drive my car. I do have to register for selective service. There are plenty of requirements of citizenship. But buying a product from a private company? I'd prefer a gov't run medical plan for these people like we had in Canada.

    As to Bush vs. Obama, I disagree wholeheartedly. There were ad hominem attacks, for sure but plenty of the attacks from the left were over policy. Torture, war policy, patriot act tax cuts for the wealthy - the list of offenses is quite long and mostly deserved.

    No, this bill won't give us a national healthcare policy. Mores the pity in my mind.

    The bill has some good attached to it - banning discrimination based on medical history, aid to those who can't afford it. Oversight on costs. Medicaid to serve more people. Kids on insurance longer.

    The people screaming that its some kinda communist plot are overreaching. Alot.

    Just my opinion.

  3. Fritz,

    A couple of points.

    First, if we are tired of paying for people who aren't paying for themselves, we can change those laws.

    Healthcare is not a right. Access to health care is -- and there is a difference.

    The right to keep and bear arms is a right but I don't get to have other people like you or the Brady Campaign buy me a firearm because I can't afford one.

    How is this any different?

    It is the government that passed laws limiting insurance companies from selling across state laws.

    It is the government that passed laws mandating minimum coverages.

    It is the government that passed laws requiring extensive reporting of treatment and paperwork requirements.

    It is the government that passed laws that made the cost of developing medicine so expensive.

    Want to reduce medical cost -- get the government out of it.

    This is completely different from mandatory auto insurance.

    I don't have to have auto insurance if I don't drive my car on public streets.

    I don't have to have auto insurance --if I don't drive a car. I was a young college student in good health and chose not to carry insurance for several years.... guess what?
    I was never denied medical care or treatment, I just paid cash.

    I don't have to carry auto insurance if I put up a cash bond or other proof of ability to pay.

    Yet now, I will be required to pay for medical insurance.

    Where is the liberty in that?

    Does registering for the selective service -- a duty-- require you to continually expend your money?

    Nope. There is a difference between citizenship responsibilities or duties and this.

    As for as the Bush/Obama attacks, I understand there were policy reasons behind the attacks but the nature of the attacks are very different.

    Do you hear Obama being derided as a coke-head, a drunk like Bush was? Nope.

    Bush was personally attacked -- Bushitler - likened to a chimp, etc.

    Anyone attacking Obama personally is vilified and ostracized -- most of the right just isn't making the vile personal attacks on Obama that most of the left did on Bush.

    There are benefits and good things in the bill - but here is the kicker

    Any of those items could have been passed at any time without requiring massive overhaul.

    Kids on insurance longer? My daughter is a college student and could be on insurance from 23 or 26 depending on the company.

    The new law only adds 1 to 4 years. If a "kid" does not still have his/her own insurance at 25 but isn't in school.....why should the insurance company have to cover that person?

    The government is trying to treat everyone as a minor. Obama's language and actions -- and many of the leftists -- reflect an elitism and arrogance that I personally find disgusting. I'm tired of being treated as if I -- an adult on my own-- don't know what is best for me.

    Enough, get the government out of my life.

    Can you show how this monstrosity of a bill is Constitutional in light of the 10th Amendment?

    P.S. -- Glad you read my blog, greatly appreciated. Please consider commenting (or commenting more often) there. I enjoy a healthy debate.

  4. By the way Fritz,

    If you are ever in the DFW area, look me up -- We'll go shooting.