Monday, March 29, 2010

Carrying a gun?

Interesting. A graphic on how to identify someone carrying a gun. From the early 90's and could be a bit outdated given the updates in carry modes circa 2010.


  1. Fritz,

    Note that the source is listed as Robert T. Gallagher, former Detective, Anti-Robbery Tactical Unit, New York City Police Department

    And that all but one example show firearms not in holsters -- a study that I recall but can't name right now stated that the overwhelming vast majority of criminals did not use holsters.

    This is useful in that he helps identify those that probably shouldn't be carrying but are.

    It is also useful to print out and ask your spouse or friend to see if they spot you doing those behaviors.

  2. Thanks Bob for the caveats. I should have put them in myself, but there go you.