Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Gun! A Gun!

A gun! You're 43 times more likely to shoot your own family member than a criminal.

This is what I hear from some anti-gun friends of mine. They are utterly convinced that guns are so dangerous that they should all be outlawed.

They're convinced and no amount of data to the contrary will change it. Recently, I've just refused to discuss it and avoid the smarmy air of egoism that comes with it. I've always heard of the liberal superiority complex, and for the first time in my life, I see what they're talking about. She's right, I'm wrong, with a measure of "boy you're stupid" mixed in.


Anyhow today I came across an interesting article that I'm *not* sharing with them. I mean really, why bother with facts when your mind is made up?

Read it here:

PS. This is one thing that so infuriated them about George Bush - he was stubborn even in his wrongness. LOL. Irony, it isn't just for getting the wrinkles out.


  1. Careful! If you want to stay a liberal, you need to stop noticing that attitude. It was that recognizing that attitude, assumed against a few things that I knew the facts of myself, that caused me to start my progression from slightly liberal to very conservative.

    If you want to stay liberal, forget you noticed it, and try not to notice it in other spheres of life and belief.

  2. ha ha.

    I've seen it on the other side of the fence too. Conservatives can get high and mighty. Its all just ingroup/outgroup politics and happens everywhere.

    Case in point, the healthcare bill passage and all the bon mots shed over how "aweful" it is and how dumb progressives are...