Thursday, April 1, 2010

Kel-Tec Back


So in January I get fed up with the problems feeding rounds into my little Kel-Tec P3AT, and I finally get around to sending it in (and by get around I mean buy another carry gun).

Off it went. And I waited till April 1st to get it.

That is quite a while to have it in for warrantee work. I'm used to camera gear and computers that are in and out inside of a week generally. And a lot more complex.

Anywho, its back and it seems to feed fine. I'll take it to the range and try it out next week. Funny enough, in this time of ammo shortages, I have a bunch of .380 ammo sitting around and only this one gun to feed it thru (and it isn't a range gun, thats for sure). I do miss its size compared to the Glock 26 I've been carrying, but I'm not sure I'm going to regularly carry it again. I just got used to that nice big Glock and its promise of 9mm punch.

It will probably be the deep concealment gun, when I can't get away with the 26. I guess we'll see.

After shooting and loving the Sub-2000 this week, I'm really looking forward to adding a Su-16c to the mix sometime this year...


  1. Fritz,

    I'll bet you find yourself slipping it into your pocket for that run to the store or when you just want to drop this or that off.

    I have a Taurus Millennium Pro in .45ACP and a mouse gun -- guess which gets picked up for that quick drive to the fast food joint?

  2. I mostly already have a G26 in my waistband, so slipping is necessary ;-)

    Yes, I carry every minute I'm awake (except the shower). Its part of my "lets see what its like to be armed all the time" experiment.