Tuesday, April 27, 2010

ROFL Brady Rating

Read this today on the Brady Site:

“Since Washington does not require Brady criminal background checks on all firearm sales including those at gun shows, gun traffickers don’t need to leave the state to funnel illegal guns to felons and gang members,” said Heidi Yewman, spokesperson for the Washington Million Mom March.


Yeah right Heidi. I bought a gun this past week, and damn if it wasn't to funnel it to felons and gang members! Wahoo.

What a moron. Washington scores close to the bottom, but not close enough for this "common sense" guy.

In another vein, went to the range today and shot my P3AT, A Sig 380 rental and my Glock 26 in the LEO bay. Did repeated drills drawing from concealment and damn, if I didn't put most rounds right where they needed to be. Dead zombies.

As I mentioned, I bought a new gun last week. I've been looking for a Kel-Tec SU-16 for awhile now and I finally gave up and ordered it online thru gun broker. Cost me about $500 for the A model. Nice.

Should be here next week (too long), but acceptable because I bought it for an Appleseed clinic I'm going to with my boy in May. I'm so excited, as I'm mainly a pistol shooter and I really need to get better with my rifle. So now I have a .223 with a bunch of Magpul Pmags coming my way. W00t to that.

I bought the rifle because I figured I'd have to have a second rifle for my son anyhow, so instead of buying another .22 rifle (my Henry US Survival Rifle just wouldn't work for Appleseed) I splurged and bought the .223 I've been thinking of.

I'll pop an optic on it, maybe side mount a mini red dot and smile alot. I'm very excited.

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