Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I shot an IDPA match today. It was a big positive and a negative.

First the positive: I did quite well. It was an informal match. The range I go to is just starting these up, so I paid my $12 and in I went. I kinda got there a bit late (~5 min or so at most) so I either missed the safety briefing or they didn't do it. I suspect the former. Ugh. Missed my freeway entrance as I was thinking of how to quickly get all my gear together.

I shot it with an IWB Galco holster and my Glock 17 (I only have 2 mags for my 26).

Anyhow, we did three stages, one sitting, one facing an ATM and one sitting in our house. Each involved 2 or 3 bad guys and a couple of innocent bystanders. Ranges were 10-30 feet.

The first one was sitting down at a table, standing and shooting three bad guys in a row. Center of mass on each, then one to the head of the last one. Went fine. Did pretty good after fumbling with my weapon on draw.

The second one was standing at an ATM, drawing and firing from 2 concealed positions. I didn't conceal so well. You learn.

The final one was sitting at a chair in your house, drawing on a guy kicking your door down and then two in your front yard thru a window. I did great on this one as well.

This is where I get to hang my head in shame.

You see, I was using a Galco IWB holster - its a floppy leather holster with a rigid top, but I was kinda flumoxed by it on this last stage (why the last, I don't know) and so I had a safety violation breaking the 180 rule while reholstering. This was post mag eject, post chamber inspection, and no finger on the trigger, but regardless, a violation.

What a dumbarse thing to do. I was called on it, and rightfully so. I don't get embarassed easily, but I sure did then. What a moron. Its kinda ruined my evening, to be honest.

Ugh. First time ever.

I can't even imagine how I'd feel with an ND.

Anyhow, I'll be going again next week (looks like they do it weekly - wow) and hopefully can keep my stupid gear under control at all times.

Hang head in shame again.

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