Thursday, May 6, 2010

Day one with a Kel-Tec SU-16

So picked up my new Kel-Tec SU-16 Tuesday.

A few things:

1. I bought it on gunbroker. Transaction went fine. What I didn't realize is that WA now requires you to pay sales tax on a weapon you buy elsewhere and ship to an FFL. Ouch. Bastards. That just added 50 bucks to the cost. This is a new law that just went into effect recently. Pisses me off because it unfairly treats gun owners in a way that ordering a book or a shirt online does not do.

2. The paperwork part at West Coast Armory took less than 20 minutes from enter to leave. Less. Last time I was at Cabelas to buy my .308 rilfe, it took damn near an hour to walk thru their crazy system. I hate buying guns at Cabelas.

I took the rifle to the range and got into the LEO bay for some solitary shooting goodness.

But before I get to that, lets talk about the gun.

Its a Kel-tec and exactly what you'd expect. A bit rough, lots of plastic, and some very clever design.

I got the A model because I wanted the stock storage of magazines. I hate the sights on the A model, but I'm going to put a Red Dot on it anyhow, so no big deal. I would have gone with the B model (better sights) but it has a shorter, lighter barrel and I wanted the more heavy duty of the two.

The trigger is fine. I'm not much of a connoisseur of triggers, so unless I strain my back pulling it or it shreds my finger, I'm fine. I'm sure people thing it sucks worse than some of the nice AR-15 triggers out there, but meh.

The Kel-Tec magazines SUCK. I didn't even use them. They are hard to insert, they are hard to extract. The follower tilts all funny and refuses to actually hold ammo. I kid you not, I can't get ammo to stay in the magazines. At all.

Good thing I bought a bunch of Pmags and just used them - flawless.

I shot 100 rounds of brass, some offhand, some from a bench using the integrated bipod. The bipod actually works ok, considering. I love the option to have it, and as much as I'd love a rail system, the bipod is cool. Kel-Tec does stuff like this - nobody else is as innovative and quirky and I love it.

The folding aspect of the gun is easy to do and is very cool - makes it easy to store/transport.

I mounted a red dot on it and got it zeroed at 25 yards in less than 10 shots. Sweet.

No FTF or anything the first day. I came home and cleaned it up.

Tomorrow I plan on taking it to the outdoor range and shooting some crappy Tula ammo I bought to see how it handles it.

Here is a pict of my third target.


  1. How far were you shooting with the Third target?

  2. It reminds of my first day of shooting practice, and i was very happy that surprisingly i performed great.