Thursday, February 4, 2010

What I'm carrying on a daily basis

Hey folks. Been Mr. Slacker with the blog already. I do a few other blogs and I'm very good with those. This one? Not so much.

I saw an interesting post on several other gun blogs about what people carry daily, so I decided to add my own.

My wife pretty much thinks I'm nuts for carrying all this, and I can see why. So here is my pictorial assemblage for my on-person carry stuff:

Lets go clockwise from the firearm...

1. Glock 26. I bit thick, but it works and I can use my other Glock 9mm magazines (including my 33 rounders if needed). My Kel-Tec P3AT is in for service and I wont see it for a month or more. It was not doing a good job of feeding the first round.

I carry this glock with the pants clip IWB at 5 o'clock. I carry it without a round in the chamber for obvious reasons. I have one of those trigger sheath things on order, but have no experience with it.

1 Extra 10 rounder magazine. Both full of 124 grain +p Remington Golden Saber hollow-points.

2. Wallet - self explanitory

3. Paracord bracelet - carry 6-7 feet of paracord with you at all times. Useful for alot of stuff and can be undone is seconds.

4. Lockpick kit (red) for picking when I lock myself out or lose the key.

5. SOG Flash II knife - compact, sharp and was pretty inexpensive.

6. Ferro Rod Flints - these things rock. I forget which model this is.

7. Leatherman Juice XE6 in purple - the girly color makes it easy to find when I drop it on the ground.

8. iPhone in case - for running Surefire's shot timer, of course

9. Uzi Tactical Pen - ha ha I know. Its new and goofy. But its a great kubaton and writes stuff too.

10. Flashlight - iTP A3 EOS Upgraded - 90 lumens on 1 AAA battery - in a very small package. I don't like the controls for this, but have yet to find another mini flashlight that is so bright. With lanyard in orange for finding it. Bought at as well

The leatherman, flashlight, flint and lockpick kit go in a belt holder. The knife in my left pocket (opposite the firearm) and the extra magazine goes either in my pants pocket or a belt holder.

Ah, and I forgot to put my keys in there. They are the standard keysets on a locking carabiner with an REI aluminum whistle and Photon squeeze flashlight.

I've also added a set of latex examination gloves to the mix.

My vehicles all have an extended Bug Out Bag with much more...


  1. Where could one buy #4 the lock pick kit? That looks nice and compact.

  2. Bought it years ago from a SERE-type course. Not sure now. I would probably replace it with this one as one pick is broken.

  3. Wow these type of posts seem really common lately. Makes me want to do one... ;)

  4. I have a trigger block for my little Glock. Made by Safe T Block (IIRC), it fits behind the trigger. I have the one that looks like the Glock plastic, so not obvious. It comes with a protruding tab with a hole for a small padlock. Cut this tab off. It makes it worthless. I cut it even with the side of the trigger guard. This way, it will not get knocked out of position, and in fact will fit into a regular holster. There is still enough material to punch it out of the frame when you want to. One caution: you will not be able to remove it with your offside hand while gripping the gun. For me, this might be a benefit, since I'm left handed. A right handed person grabbing my gun will not be able to fire it. (comes in left and right versions)
    The slide cannot be racked with this in place, either. Got this for carry in soft type holsters such as fanny packs, thunderwear, in pockets, and also under my pillow.

  5. Thanks Will. I might try one out. I'll see when I get the other holster unit if I like it first.

  6. What are your "obvious reasons" for not having a round in the chamber? I mean absolutely no disrespect, but I can't justify having a gun around for self-defense and not have it "loaded."

    I would honestly like to know your thoughts.


  7. -I really, really don't like the idea of carrying without a round chambered. If a carry method "obviously" wasn't safe chambered, I'd find a new method.

    I also don't like the trigger block things for a couple reasons. The primary one is that I don't like the idea of messing inside the trigger guard of a loaded gun unless it is on target, enough that I'd rather stick the chambered gun in my pants as-is. I'm also not confident that a piece stuck well enough to stay put when needed will be easily knocked free under extreme stress. It is incredible how simple motions get complicated even under the stress of competition--I imagine a real life defense situation would be even worse.

  8. Question: why carry latex gloves? In combo with the
    lockpick, an LEO will consider that probable cause for you being a burglar.