Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Still Disarmed

I'm still in the four corners region and I'm still disarmed.

After just getting used to carrying all the time, and liking the extra reassurance that it gives, I really hate not having my Kel-Tec on me.

Stupid, stupid.

On the positive side, we were out in the desert a few days back and I got to try two new types of JHP self defense ammo in the Kel-Tec. Self Defense .380 has been impossible to find for the past 6 months, so I was happy to visit a few stores with some MagTech and Corbon JHP stuff in stock.

I bought a few (expensive) boxes and took it out for some shooting. I learned early to make sure to test your ammo before it becomes your carry load, for obvious reasons that if it causes a misfeed, then you're SOL and might as well not have the gun in the first place. Makes sense.

So I put 20 rounds of both thru the gun with zero problems. And it was amazingly accurate - shooting both close up targets (7-10 meters - yes the metric system is better) and stuff farther away at 25 m. I setup a man-size target at that latter distance and was able to put 6 rounds into it quickly - center of mass with an acceptable grouping size. This *is* a pistol for close in distance, so I was happily surprised at the results.

The ammo was:
  • CorBon DPX- 80 grain JHP - solid copper bullet intended to minimize penetration and maximize expansion. This stuff was expensive at $30 a box for 20 rounds. Ouch. They claim it retains 100% of bullet weight and has a higher fps. Mostly greek to me, but ok.
  • MagTech Guardian Gold - 85 grain JHP +p load (technically) - traditional HP design, and much cheaper at $13 a box.
I'm just happy to have self defense stuff again. I've been carrying around the same 6 rounds of Remmington Golden Sabre for 8 months.

Anyone have any thoughts on their preferred .380 loads for small guns like this? How many rounds do you put thru in testing? At $30 a box, I was hesitant to do more with the CorBon stuff, but maybe I'm being cheap.


  1. I carry a Kel-Tec .380 as well, most days. I have been very happy with Golden Sabres in my carry guns, but will always grab the Gold Dot HP's if I can. They are all hard to find right now though. I, too, am from Washington, but from the dry side of the mountains. I have liked reading your blog, and like the perspective you bring from being an anti-gun individual previously. Thanks for your posts.

  2. Fritz,

    Exercise in thought patterns. I would say you aren't disarmed, you are the weapon. Firearms are the primary TOOL we use, but not the actual weapon.

    When I can't carry a firearm, I usually have a knife. If I can't carry a knife, I usually have a pen. I always wear a belt, usually with a large buckle. But IF I don't think of those items are tools to defend myself...then I am disarmed.

    Not sure if you were thinking that way or not, just a mental status check

    Inventory what you are carrying, what is around you...what can you use as a tool for self defense?

  3. bob - Good points. I do have my knife. and a belt that has serious hardware (you could rappel with it - seriously).

    Anon - cheers!