Wednesday, July 8, 2009

FWIW, I just ran into a store that had those value packs of .22LR ammo!

I have seriously not seen those on the shelves since, oh, say October of last year. And they had some .380 JHP in stock too! I've been low on SD roundage as well. Score.

Bought 4 boxes and added 2000+ rounds to my stash.

Ahem, I mean, arsenal.


  1. Lucky you. There are stores with ammo, if I don't mind paying nearly double what I was last year.

    Reminds me to call a local sporting goods store, they were expecting a shipment today.

  2. By the way, how has your perspective changed about those stories in the papers?

    You know the ones where the 'criminal' was arrested and they found X number of guns and "thousands" of rounds of ammunition.

  3. I've not found .22LR at any price until yesterday. Bricks of 500+ I mean.

    I've passed up lots of .380 and 9mm at inflated prices, but I have a nice stockpile.

    As to stories, my thinking is this: An arsenal isn't 5 guns and 5000 rounds of ammo. An arsenal is what you find at a National Guard Depot. That is just a guy laying away for a rainy day (like now).

    Its inflationary words used to effect. I'm very critical of anyone, right or left, that tries to subtly market ideology with carefully crafted language.

    What really pissed me off is that the Bush Junta were the masters at calling a dog a cat and somehow people went along with it. Patriot Act? Death Tax? Assault Rifle? Arsenal. Its all the same- disingenuousness (or at best ignorance).

    The Bush people were masters at this. I argued with my republican friends at the time that this was a bad thing - that any abuse that Rove and his band of miscreants would come up with would be in turn used by the left in due time. And we're starting to hear it happen.


  4. Fritz,

    The Death tax truly is that-- calling it an "inheritance tax" is disguising the nature of it.

    The PATRIOT Act and all those others names, I agree. I think it is ALL politicians that do this...if they had to title their laws truthfully - very few would be elected to office a second time.